Season: 2023/24 - Print1

Judge: Ken Payne

Images scoring 20 points
  • The Hoodie.
    Colin GalleyThe Hoodie.
  • Kingfisher at Rest
    Ian McdonaldKingfisher at Rest
  • Kestrel Hiding in a Cornfield
    Colin BirchKestrel Hiding in a Cornfield
  • Spider Man In Attack Mode
    Robert MajorSpider Man In Attack Mode
  • Seat with a view
    Alan EvansSeat with a view
  • Pin Mill Wrecks
    David PurkissPin Mill Wrecks
  • Egret Landing
    Brian PurdyEgret Landing
  • Kestral at Dusk
    Jenny McdonaldKestral at Dusk
  • Discussion time
    Brian PurdyDiscussion time
  • Hummingbird Feeding
    Alison JohnsonHummingbird Feeding
  • A wee beastie
    Alan ChapmanA wee beastie
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