Season: 2021/22 - Print4

Judge: Chrissie Hart (ARPS DPAGB)

Images scoring 20 points
  • Edwardian Undertaker
    Pat FrewinEdwardian Undertaker
  • Dressmakers tools
    Pat FrewinDressmakers tools
  • Hands Chalk and Pavement
    Liz CroxsonHands Chalk and Pavement
  • Natures Sculpture Buttermere
    Mike RoseNatures Sculpture Buttermere
  • Spanners And Screws One Should Never Use
    Tom PlucinskiSpanners And Screws One Should Never Use
  • First one home
    Pat FrewinFirst one home
  • Suspicious Bloke
    Alec FraserSuspicious Bloke
  • Searing the Shoe
    Sally FreemanSearing the Shoe
  • Speed and Grace
    Alison JohnsonSpeed and Grace
  • Suzuki 777
    Bas PatelSuzuki 777
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