Programme Notes

21st March 2024

Themed PDI Competition (5)

Harold Mousley LRPS AFIAP

As part of the league there are themed print and digital competitions. Themes are chosen at the start of the season and each image is judged against the additional criterion of meeting the theme. To enter, each member must provide three PDIs, one for each theme, and on the night there will be three sub-competitions; there are no separate competitions for the different levels of experience, so everyone is in it together. The winner of the trophy is the member with the highest combined score, with the judge arbitrating in the case of a tie. The themed competition marks are also included in the league totals, so the league rules also apply. This year's PDI themes are 1- Textures, 2 - Triptych and 3 - Trees. Harold hasn't judged at CCC for a while so it's good to see him back.