Rules for Interclub Panel of 6 Prints (The 4Cs Shield)


Rules of entry

Panels must consist of 6 prints. There is no set subject for the panels. Panels are submitted on the day of the competition.

A panel may be composed of the work of one or more authors.

Every print in a panel must be mounted. The mount size may not exceed 50 x 40 cm. Each picture area may not be less than 300 square cm.

The panel must be viewable within an area 2m wide and 1.8m high and not exceeding 3 rows high.

The dimensions and layout of the panel must be sent to the organiser for approval no later than 3 weeks before the day of the competition.

A hanging plan must be provided with each panel. It should not be possible to identify the participating club from the hanging plan.

One print in each panel should be identified as the Representative print by way of a large coloured label in the bottom right corner of the back of the print. After each panel viewing the prints will be placed in a stack with the Representative print face up on the top. This will serve as a memory aid to the judge when selecting the winning panel.

All labels on prints that may identify the author or club participating must be covered up so as to be unreadable.

A statement of intent must accompany every panel on a separate sheet of paper from the hanging plan. The statement should not exceed 50 words and may include a title for the panel. The statement will be read out to the audience before the judge examines the panel.

Previously entered panels, or ones very similar, are not eligible.

CD of Images

  • A CD containing jpg files of each panel's images together with an image of the hanging plan must accompany each entry in order that a representation of the winning panels may be shown on the Chelmsford Camera Club website
  • The images should be a minimum of 1400px wide or a minimum of 1050px in height
  • If the images require a watermark then this should be added by the photographer.

Revised March 2018