Programme Notes 2022/23


1 September 2022

Close-up & Macro Nature Photography
Daniel Bridge
Largely based on Daniel's workshop of the same name, this has over 130 images, with subjects ranging from insects to flowers, abstracts to animals. Covering the different types of close-up and macro shots we can take, the variety of subjects available, lighting, lenses and accessories, techniques, focus stacking, and more.

22 September 2022

A Photographic Immersion in Havana
Roy Essery MPAGB
Following a previous family holiday to Cuba, in November 2019 Roy decided to revisit Havana for a week on his own. This time the stay was to be in a Casa Particular (B&B), rather than a hotel, right in the middle of the old town. What a great choice it proved to be with competition-worthy images quite literally on the doorstep, day and night. Never had a single week's photography trip resulted in so many “keepers”, as a 170-page photographic book that followed proves. In addition to all this were some interesting and amusing stories resulting from Roy’s interaction with the locals, all of which he will also share with you tonight. The fact is that there isso much more to images of Cuba than the stereotypical ones usually seen or to be gleaned from a normal commercial family holiday.

6 October 2022

Alaska - Bears, Eagles, Killer Whales...
Derek Howes DPAGB
Derek is a naturalist and wildlife photographer and also takes small groups on photographic safaris (pre pandemic). The illustrated talk is over three trips to Alaska and one was to photograph Katmai Bears and two of the trips were based on two wildlife companies asking him to recce the possibilities of photographing Humpback Whales whilst bubble-net feeding. It will all become clear whether this was achieved during his talk.

20 October 2022

Reality is for People Without Imagination
Gary Nicholls
The talk is designed to inspire the audience to try new ideas and ignore convention in creating a personal project using the camera as a tool to create Fine Art images from imagination to realisation.

  • What is Fine Art Photography? – Artists Vision, the ideas, techniques, body of work and artist statement - the talk helps you understand what is required – told in an entertaining way.
  • Photoshop techniques he uses to create his work and how to achieve your own style and workflow
  • The How and Why – what are you going to shoot, how are you going to shoot it and why are you shooting it
  • Studio setups he uses and why
  • If it can be dreamt, it can be created. ‘Reality is for people without Imagination’ and Gary’s imagination has no bounds, no journey impossible, no step is a step too far, darkness the order of the day.
Gary is the creator and author of The Imaginarium Trilogy—a 450 image fine art story, telling an intricate, fantastical, dark but ultimately beautiful steampunk story through the unique medium of fine art images. So far, eight years in the making, ‘The Imaginarium’ really is unique; telling a complex story in Fine Art Images has not really been seen since the days of Hogarth and ‘Rakes Progress’. The final section of the talk goes through the Photoshop and lighting techniques used, finishing up with some handy tips on skin retouching and detail enhancement.

10 November 2022

The Beautiful Light
Jane Goodall
Come along to find out how I work the light for maximum effect and consider perspective and visual cues to make successful landscape images. I will discuss the psychology of seeing and why you need to consider how the human brain works, it which will make a big difference to the success of your images. I will show you my essential kit for a landscape photographer, some of which might surprise you. See how I use the latest ‘online’ and smartphone applications to aid in image making and optimise the choice of landscape locations. Also what ‘not to do’ and avoid some landscape photography slipups. Its a fun and interactive evening, and I will share my post processing approach and include a few Photoshop confessions as well.

24 November 2022

Africa's Dust Under my Feet
A "Safari" amongst the wildlife of southern Tanzania and Kenya.

8 December 2022

His 'n Hers
Pat & Melvyn Frewin
“His and Hers” is an illustration of our journey through photography, showing Pat’s images from the early days of joining Chelmsford Camera Club, to the present day, with a few of Melvyn’s images thrown in!! It will also cover panels of 3 and 6.

12 January 2023

Ray Lawrence
Club members know I tend to shoot a LOT of sport. However, over the years, the club has had a number of guest speakers, (including members of the club) who have provided sufficient inspiration to challenge me to go out and try something completely out of my comfort zone. This piece takes a look at a number of these examples, with some reasonable outcomes, and some hiccoughs along the way. 

26 January 2023

Interesting Stuff
Justin Minns LRPS
"A quest to find interesting subjects to photograph is one of the things that keeps me motivated. The question is what makes an interesting photograph, the subject or the photographer?" Justin Minns's exploration of this question features some impressive images, not just from East Anglia, but also from across the world.

9 February 2023

Building A Street Picture
Damien Demolder
In this new talk Damien explains how he breaks the world into visual components, and how he uses those ideas and concepts to focus his and the viewer’s attention in the street photography that he creates. Of course decisive moments matter, as do the stories behind each human interaction, but we can’t convey any form of message in our pictures unless people look at them. Surely our first step must be to make sure what we show is eye-catching and exciting.

2 March 2023

The Greg & Andy Show
"From Armed Robberies to Weddings" - Andy Jones
Andy has been a member of the club since 2010 but has been less active in recent years as his wedding photography business has grown. For this evening's talk he will describe his personal and photographic journey and how he has made the transition from photography as a hobby to a second career.

“We need the Magbox!” - Greg Keeling
Greg will be giving you a light-hearted insight into the world of second shooting a wedding. He will explain what second shooting is, what’s expected of a second shooter, what kit you need, how he works with people, why you need to work as a photographic team, why he really enjoys weddings and how it improves your photographic knowledge and skills. He will also touch on why he set up a photography business, what’s involved in doing so and the benefits.

16 March 2023

Top, Middle and Bottom
Don Thompson BPE3*
Wide range of subjects, often crazy. Prints will be handed round for the audience to have a close look.

20 April 2023

Capturing the Moment - Sport & Action
Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP BPE5*
Most photographers think you can only get good sport pictures if you have a fast telephoto lens and a press pass. This talk covers numerous sports where you can get great images without the need for expensive equipment or the need for a press pass. It also explains how to apply for sports that you do need some form of accreditation in order to take photographs. It explains the type of equipment I use, and how finding the right viewpoint is essential. Sports covered are Boxing, Cyclocross, Jet ski, Superbikes at Brands Hatch, Ice Hockey, Grass Track, Judo, Table Tennis and much more.

4 May 2023

People & Places
Colin is part of the Fotospeed Photographers lecture team and gives talks at Camera Clubs and other organisations anywhere in the country. He is widely experienced  and has been a regular speaker for some 45 years. This talk covers some of the people and places he has been privileged to photograph over the years, including Albania, India, USA, Vietnam, Iceland, etc.