Programme Notes 2021/22


2 September 2021

New Images, 2021 Onwards
Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP BPE5*
A print talk covering a range of subject matter – Nature, Landscape, Sport, Portaits, Photojournalism and Live Rock Music with a mixture of colour and monochrome prints. This talk also covers Roger's move from Canon to Olympus to save lugging round such heavy equipment, particularly for wildlife.

9 September 2021

Welcome to the World of Filters
Simon Garratt
This presentation gives an in-depth look into the world of filters, how they work, how to use them, and how they can be used across multiple genres, from street, to landscape, architecture, macro and more, giving you greater creativity with less time in editing. Uses some stunning images to illustrate their use.

23 September 2021

Living the Dream
John Clements
As a professional photographer for the most part, I have been fortunate to have photographed the well known; royalty, actors, politicians and other recognisable people over the years. And of course, the Great British public. From portraits to weddings and business images. Then the fashion stuff, and diverse subjects such as scene of crime imagery, laser beams and commercial photography. It has been an interesting mix, so my talk will draw upon these to show skills, explain and demystify. i also have a technical background in photography. Leading to my working for some of the big camera and lighting camera manufacturers through the years as a technical and photographic adviser, ambassador or evangelist. All of this led to my becoming an author, then technical editor/consultant for many photo magazines in years past, concurrent with my photography. So alongside the images, we can shed some light on, and consider technology, its real world performance and impact.

7 October 2021

At the End of Our Garden
Jayne Odell FRPS
'Monochrome zoom lecture explaining my journey towards a successful Fellowship with The Royal Photographic Society.' Jayne's ARPS panel concentrated on seascapes whereas her FRPS panel covered horses and equine environments.

11 November 2021

Night Photography
Peter Warne
This is a talk covering all sorts of night and low light photography.  It stems from someone who knew I volunteered for restoration project near Epping asking if I had ever considered using the site at night for photography of the gothic buildings.  That was 7 years ago and my interests have expanded since then into Astro-photography, light painting, fireworks, lightning, and nocturnal wildlife.  I will mainly talk about night photography that can be achieved with any dslr, bridge or mirrorless camera.

25 November 2021

Walking with Bears
Andy Skillen
"Walking with Bears" discusses some of the commissions I've done for the BBC and also working with polar and grizzly bears on foot. My discussions are always anecdotal (hopefully entertaining!) and talk more about what it's like to work rather than camera settings.

9 December 2021

Inside My Head
This is an increasingly popular talk during which I show several of my successful panels of work as well as individual images.  Originally this talk was in prints but has now been turned in to online.  It comes as two parts - Part 1 is the talk and Part 2 a deconstruction of some my images and an explanation of how they are put together.  Most of my work in this talk can be best described as photographic art.  Just about all of them are montage or at the very least using textures.
I am happy to share my 'secrets' and techniques. However please be warned that the presentation includes some very tasteful art nude work, so if your club members aren't up for that then don't book me.

13 January 2022

A Life Less Ordinary
Margaret Soraya
Seascape photographer Margaret Soraya works in nature’s quiet places, capturing beautiful stretches of coast and water that touch the soul with their raw beauty. Her love of the sea and water is weaved seamlessly through her life and work Learn more about how she uses solitude and peace in her work. 'The remote Scottish islands are the embodiment of all the values I uphold in my life and work. They are wild, peaceful places where I have time and space for myself. Alongside the solitude they give, their beautiful stretches of landscape touch the soul with their raw beauty. I often stay on the islands for up to a week at a time, alone, waiting for conditions to be right. Mobile signal is often patchy or non-existent. A converted sprinter van gives me somewhere to sleep and cook, allowing me to be self-sufficient and free.'

27 January 2022

My Kinda Street
Tony Bramley FRPS
Techniques, ideas and styles to help you tackle the difficult genre of street photography. A talk covering the varying aspects of my street photography: > London City & West End > Travel > Social Documentary > Low Light > Fashion > Abstract
Street Photography is an unsung hero of the photography genres, outside of popular subject matter. It requires complete knowledge of your equipment with a ready to go attitude in a very dynamic environment. Being bold, patient and not afraid to make others or yourself uncomfortable, all add to getting the shot. This presentation provides an insight into my street photography and how I go about a typical day shooting.

10 February 2022

Sports Photography
This talk covers a range of different sports and includes approaches, techniques, anecdotes and, of course, plenty of images.

24 February 2022

Photographing the Night Sky
Nik Szymanek FRAS
An introduction to imaging the night sky. Information on techniques and astronomy with lots of stunning and informative pictures. Suitable for all audiences.

17 March 2022

Top, Middle and Bottom
Don Thompson BPE3*
Wide range of subjects, often crazy. Prints will be handed round for the audience to have a close look.

31 March 2022

Close-up/Macro Flower Photography
Ken Payne
This presentation concentrates first on the techniques used to capture and process the images and the second half covers the range of images that Ken has produced using these techniques.

21 April 2022

Special Scenes Across the UK
Harry Wheeler-Brand
A fast-moving talk covering iconic landscapes across the UK. There should be some good images to see.

5 May 2022

Techniques in Nature
Ann Miles trained as a biologist and always worked in scientific publishing so Nature Photography has always been part of her life. Here she covers techniques in Nature Photography with many of the images that have been created as a result. Note that Ann is sponsored by Permajet and can supply paper at a discount.