Programme Notes 2020/21


2 September 2020

New Images, 2017 Onwards
Roger Hance FRPS AFIAP BPE5*
A range of recent work from a photographer who has had four different FRPS panels accepted. This talk also covers Roger's move from Canon to Olympus to save lugging round such heavy equipment, particularly for wildlife.

9 September 2020

Africa Through my Lens
Bob Cooper
In his seventeen trips to various parts of Africa, Bob has amassed a wide range of images and lots of useful tips on how to capture particular types of shot and where to see the different animals.

23 September 2020

Sports Photography
Mark Pain
Mark Pain is a multi-award winning sports photographer with over 25 years experience and international recognition. Covering major events worldwide from the Olympic Games to the Ryder Cup, and from football and rugby World Cups to World Championship athletics, Mark has worked at the top of his profession for many years and was Chief Sports Photographer of the Mail On Sunday for over twenty years. Having won many competitions and been highly commended on numerous occasions, including as a sports finalist in the World Press Photo 1998, Mark was named as the Sports Photographer of the Year in 2005 and 2011 at the British Press Awards.

7 October 2020

The Exhibitionists
Barbie & Russell Lindsay MPAGB
Both Barbie and Russell are national judges and members of Beyond Group. Their work is varied and very successful and can be edgy and controversial. This presentation covers a range of images from them both with the common theme that they have all been accepted at national and international exhibitions, hence the title.

28 October 2020

Working With Textures
An entertaining and informative presentation all about sourcing and using textures to create a more artistic feel to your images. Answering all the what and how questions, I go through sourcing and creating textures , how to use blend modes and then 3 different methods of how to apply textures to an image. I invite the club to submit random images for a live edit where I will take between 3-5 images and apply textures from my own stock to create final pieces., narrating every click on route. I believe that seeing the process happen 'for real' is very valuable for viewers. A talk that always goes down well as a hands-on 'how-to', I travel slowly and clearly through the technical aspects, happily repeating steps if requested. LEVEL: Photoshop beginner to intermediate

11 November 2020

Images & Techniques
Ross McKelvey is President of Catchlight, the premier club in Northern Ireland and judges at national and international levels. His interests range from portraiture through landscape, sport and nature to still life and composite images. This presentation covers some of his award-winning images and techniques used to achieve them.

25 November 2020

Creative to Contemporary
Jon Gray FBIPP
Jon Gray has been a professional photographer working mainly in the highly competitive fashion, advertising and e-commerce sectors. This presentation is an informal look at a variety of his Creative and Contemporary Portfolio images and including his recent professional dance images. It includes discussing the technical issues, followed by a Q&A Session.

9 December 2020

A Year on the Coast
Justin Minns LRPS
Justin Minns is a full-time profession landscape photographer based in East Anglia. He works with organisations such as the National Trust, English Heritage and the Forestry Commission. This presentation is based on work for the National Trust, spending a year photographing the coast of East Anglia.

13 January 2021

Pitchside to Paper - The Sequel
Ray Lawrence
This presentation builds on the successful 'From Pitchside to Paper'. It takes a look at the World Rally-cross Championship and the Cricket World Cup 2019, not just the photography, but what is involved in some of the logistics of such events.

27 January 2021

Photographing Wildlife in the UK
Alison Jenkins ARPS DPAGB LMPA
Alison's professional work has covered business, corporate and wedding photography, but her passion is for wildlife, particularly in the UK.

10 February 2021

New Digital Adventure
Colin Harrison FRPS MPAGB + 8 more
My talk will show the creative side of my photography. This is a lighthearted, fast flowing talk and I will pass on some of my digital “secrets” and my enthusiasm for photography. You will also see images I used in working towards the International Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP) Diamond 3 Distinction (only three people holding this qualification in the UK in 2019). I will also show what sections you can enter in FIAP Salons.

17 March 2021

Windows of Opportunity
Dave Mason
I am a British born photographer and I take great pleasure in finding the extraordinary in the ordinary, often documenting the surreal happenings on the city streets. After spending most of my life living in South London I am now based in the Canterbury area. My preference, regarding the type of images I produce, is that they have an honesty about them, captured in-camera with little, if any, post-processing.

31 March 2021

The Dragon's Journey
Margaret Salisbury FRPS APAGB MFIAP FIPF
My talk will be about my journey in photography from the first picture I took of my then young children to the latest pictures I am now taking - mono darkroom to colour and mono digital, change in style, popularity of subject matter, type of photography and attitude. I try to tell the stories which go with the pictures demonstrating just a few of the happy memories and opportunities I have had in the wonderful world of photography.

21 April 2021

Living the African Dream
Alison Mees
I have based this talk on some places I have lived and worked over the last 16 years. Starting in Selous, Serengeti, then Mara - finishing with a little bit of what we are working on at the Cheetah Conservation Fund to help keep cheetahs safe in the wild. Lots of photos - wildlife, stories round the wildlife - cheetah, lions etc, Maasai community, primary school, clinic - projects I was involved in - lots of photos and stories of these, and some cheetah that I got to know well.

5 May 2021

Images of Iceland
Colin has made many trips to Iceland leading photographic holidays. This presentation is a digest of images taken in a variety of conditions over a number of years. Stunning work from one of the country's leading landscape photographers.