PDI Competition #5 (Themed Trophy)

Judge: Ron Tear (ARPS MPAGB PSA3* BPE5*)


The trophy was won by Gary Woods with a score of 57, who also had the Image of the Evening.
2nd was Steve Marriott with 56 and 3rd Tom Plusinski with 52.

Are you taking a photo of my Butt

Gary Woods

Theme: UK Landscape, Score:17


Ring tailed look alikes

Gary Woods

Theme: Pairs, Score:20


Strumming and Bowing

Gary Woods

Theme: Instruments, Score:20 and image of the evening


Other images scoring 20 points.

Ears, eyes, whiskers, nostrils

Alec Fraser

Theme: Pairs


Punk Music

Deniz Elmaz

Theme: Instruments


Admiring the view

Ray Lawrence

Theme: UK Landscape


Pair of Egrets

Steve Marriott

Theme: Pairs


Shingle Street

Tom Plucinski

Theme: UK Landscape


Night Racers In A Downpour

Trevor Sadowski

Theme: Pairs