General Announcement in terms of Future Meetings – COVID 19.


No One can have failed to notice the extensive media coverage, and ever evolving developments through government, sport and other bodies in relation to COVID 19. A few weeks ago we announced the prevailing advice in respect of symptoms and general self – awareness in terms of attendance of club evenings.

However, with a deterioration in the situation, elite sport cancellations and a general tightening of movement to control the spread of the disease, the committee of the club were considering the suggestion to suspend future meetings following Wednesday’s PDI competition, and planned to present along these lines to the club membership accordingly.

Events have however spiralled rather rapidly, with the government detailing various further policies in terms of social isolation, referencing clubs, pubs, and social gatherings. Following these latest developments we view the most responsible decision the club could take is to suspend future meetings until further notice, including this Wednesday.

Some members of the EAF have already suspended their meetings and activities, and we know the following weeks speaker has already cancelled our engagement. It is not a decision the club has taken lightly, one which the club deeply regrets, but it is a decision we hope the membership view is founded with good sense in light of the new broadcasts and recommendations from government in relation to suppressing the spread of Covid 19.

The most immediate decisions relate to the PDI 5 competition, which we are expecting to be judged virtually. In terms of other competitions, events or news, we would commend all members to regularly check the website where we will endeavour to post regular updates. We are also considering how we may keep everyone engaged with the club over this difficult period of time, whether a series of virtual competitions or activity would be achievable and how best to ensure the dynamic of the club, albeit from distance can be maintained until we resume our regular Wednesday programme.

Most importantly, the health and wellbeing of everyone at the club is paramount and at the forefront of our minds, and trust everyone follows and complies with the guidelines specified by National Health England, and look forward to the point where we as a club re-convene, stronger for our experiences.

Ray Lawrence - Acting Chairman